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Hologram Positioning Hot Stamping Foil

Hologram positioning hot stamping foil is widely used on packaging for tobacco products, wine boxes, cosmetic products, pharmaceutical items, ID cards, bank products and more.

Technical parameters
Item No. JX017-1
Material BOPET
Patterns Custom
Application Tobacco package, wine box, etc.
Color Gold
Brightness 80-90
Thickness 18μm
Paper Core 1" or 3"
Roll Width 10-200mm
Roll Length 500-1200m
Piece-ups 1-3pieces/roll
Distance of Joints ≧300m
Transferring Effect Good
Corona Treatment No corona
Stamping Method Sheet to sheet stamping, roll to roll stamping
Stamping Temp. 130±30℃
Tracking Cursor obverse
Stamping Speed ≧4000pieces
Icon Ranking Double cursors
Cursor Ranking 14*18
Distance of Cursor 26.97
Stamping Materials ivory board, hologram paper, printing paper, etc.

Note: The above items can be changed to suit customer requirements.

1. The hot stamping patterns are clear and beautiful with a colorful appearance and outstanding wear resistance.
2. The hologram positioning hot stamping foil has all the functions of traditional holographic film, but with additional counterfeit functions.
3. The technical requirements for mold pressing and printing is much higher with the addition of counterfeit protections, thus making it more difficult to reproduce these foil designs.

First, the base PET film is coated with a layer of resin and a layer of color. Custom design patterns and characters are carved on the designated position on the mold. Patterns are then transferred onto the film using a mold pressing technology. Second, a layer of aluminum and a layer of glue are successively applied to the surface of the mold pressing pattern. During the production process, patterns should be attached to the film with a limited size precision. Then, using a hot stamping process, we utilize a pressing and heating method to melt the glue layer, which will then combine with the base materials. Finally, the stamping foil is transferred onto the base materials.

Jiaxin specializes in making holographic packaging materials with custom made products since 1995, as a hologram positioning hot stamping foil manufacturer and supplier with many years, we are offering holographic film and paper, metallic paper and film, anti-counterfeit labels with high quality.

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