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Laminated Holographic Paper

Laminated holographic paper is mainly applied in the packaging of tobacco products, wine, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and many other consumer goods.

Technical parameter
Item No. 0104
Material SBS
Patterns Diagonal light beam
Application Cigarette box, wine box, cosmetics cartons, pharmaceuticals box, etc.
Color Silver
Thickness 300-315μm
Paper Core 12"
Roll Width 600-1100mm (According to order form)
Roll Length 6000m (According to order form)
Cut Size 740610mm (According to order form)
Stiffness longitudinal direction≧5.0, transverse direction≧2.5
Brightness 75
Opacity ≧90
Smoothness ≧400s
Absorbency obverse≦40ɡ/m2, reverse≦100ɡ/m2
Surface Energy ≧44mN/m
Tensile Strength longitudinal direction≧9.5N
Corona Treatment No corona
Print Temperature 25℃ 50-60%
Ink Absorbency 15-25%
Capacity 800000m per day (The weight is based on the width of film)

Note: Above items can be changed to suit customer's requirements.

Holographic paper has a unique, metallic, highly glossy aluminum coating that is beautiful and lustrous. The paper is smooth and not easily creased, maintaining strong stiffness. The paper can also be coated with a variety of ground coats to meet various printing requirements to achieve optimal graphical effects. Also, our holographic laser technology has a higher demand for mold pressing and can achieve outstanding anti-counterfeit properties.

Holographic paper is covered with rainbow film. The holographic patterns are first copied to the base film by holographic laser technology and then an aluminum layer is applied to the film with the technology of vacuum aluminum plating technology. Finally, a variety of holographic films are laminated or transferred to the paper by high speed laminated machine and the prepress process can be applied in the meantime. The holographic patterns are colorful and beautiful and have a strong metallic looking, stable and reliable printability with better anti-counterfeit effects.

Jiaxin specializes in making holographic packaging materials with custom made products since 1995, as a laminated holographic paper manufacturer and supplier with many years, we are offering holographic film and paper, metallic paper and film, anti-counterfeit labels with high quality.

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